Disperse Red S-5BL

Disperse Red S-5BL

disperse red 167, Disperse Rubine 2GFL,Disperse Rubine H-2GFL,Disperse Rubine S-2GFL,Disperse Rubine S-2GFLR,Disperse Rubine S-5BL CAS 61968-52-3/26850-12-4

Product Details

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Disperse Red S-5BL

Product Name : 

Disperse red 167;Disperse red S-5BL;


Type:Disperse dyes

CAS No.:26850-12-4;61968-52-3

Formula :C23H26ClN5O7

Molecular Weight:519.9348


Appearance :Red Powder

C.I.NO.:Red 167



Light Fastness:6-7

Washing Fastness (Pes):4-5

Washing Fastness (Co):5

Sublimation :4

PH Value:4-6

Cotton Fabric Color Stain :2



Red S-5BL

Application :

Used for dyeing of polyester fiber and fabric

Excellent dispersion Property

Excellent compatibility reproductibility

Good fastness


Packing : 25kgs new carton box with pallet               

1.In 25kgs carton with wood pallet,Loading quantity:12.6Tons in 1FCL /20"Container

2.In 25kgs iron drum,Loading quantity:12.6Tons in 1FCL /20"Container

3.In 25kgs woven bag,Loading quantity:17Tons in 1FCL /20"Container

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