Silicone Softener 463G

Silicone Softener 463G

This product is a special silicone ternary copolymer high concentration emulsion

Product Details


(1) It gives the fabric a soft, smooth, delicate and elastic feel;

(2) Suitable for soft and smooth finishing of woven fabrics and knitted fabrics. (3) It has minimal influence on fabric whiteness, shade and color fastness. (4) It can be used in the same bath as the finishing agent such as film

(5) It is used for cotton fabrics with obvious hand feeling, and has outstanding soft, smooth, full and elastic effect. (6) Better combination with fluffy silicone oil emulsion. (7) This product has excellent stability compared with similar products, which can

reduce the problem of sticky roller and bleaching. 【Basic Character】

Appearance: tiny yellow to transparent liquid. Ionic: Weak Cationic/nonionic

Solid content: 28%—30%(105℃,3hours)


Mainly used for cotton fabrics

【 Usage amount for reference 】

Padding process: CY-463G 10-30g/L

Impregnation process: CY-463G 3~5%

Temperature: 35~40℃

PH value: 5.5~6.5

Time: 20~30min


50KG/Drum, 120KG/Drum


Stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse with a storage period of six


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