Woolen Smoothing Softener CY-460

Woolen Smoothing Softener CY-460

This product belongs to special silicone compound

Product Details

product description

This product belongs to special silicone compound


Features and benefits

Smooth feel characteristics;

Highly versatile, a variety of blended fabrics;

Uniform adsorption and deposition on the surface and inside of the fiber;

The working fluid has good stability and can be used in combination with cationic and nonionic additives;

Good film-forming properties, effective to improve the wrinkle recovery performance and resilience of the fabric;

It has little effect on the color shade of the finished fabric.


Basic trait

Appearance: milky white

Ionicity: weak cation

Solid content: 25-27% (105 ° C × 3 hours)


Application range

Protein fiber (wool fabric, silk fabric)


Reference amount

The impregnation process is generally used:

CY-460 3~8%

Temperature: 35~40°C

PH value: 5~6

Time: 20~30min


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