Optical Brightener BA

Optical Brightener BA

Product Name : Product: Optical Brightener FP-127 for Plastic / Resin C.I.: 378 CAS NO.:40470-68-6 Appearance: Light yellowish crystalline powder Melting point: 210-220 degree Application: Suitable for all kinds of PVC products samll dosage and high whiteness,migration resistance,high efficiency...

Product Details

Product Name : 

Optical Brightener BA

C.I. 113

CAS NO.: 12768-92-2

Appearance: Light yellowish powder

Application: 1.for paper industry.

                    2.for cotton,linen and cellulose base firber

Technical Support:

We have professional technical team which support target samples testing from customers around the World. Counter samples will be provided after evaluation. Meanwhile customization service is available in our factory. What’s more, we can also provide pre-shipment samples for new customers during our 1st cooperation. 

Technical Support



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