Application of optical brightener in textile industry

Date:Sep 30, 2020

Optical brighteners have been used in the textile industry for nearly 70 years. Because of their unique whitening and brightening effects on textile fibers, they are favored by dyeing and finishing industries and consumers. At present, there is no corresponding technology that can replace the role of fluorescent whitening agent.


Some people think that fluorescent brighteners can be replaced by bleaching. And some products in this area have indeed been studied, such as multiple bleaching of chlorine bleaching and oxygen bleaching to achieve the whiteness requirements of the fabric, but excessive bleaching can easily damage the fibers and cause the strength of the clothing to decrease when wearing.


The application of fluorescent brighteners on textiles is required, and at least the following 5 requirements should be met:

① No damage to the fiber, and good binding force with it;

②Has good water solubility;

③Good chemical stability;

④Has good uniform whitening;

⑤ Harmless to the environment, etc.

optical brightener