Do you know the fabric with a constant temperature of 37.5°?

Date:Nov 23, 2020

37.5TM technology is a patented technology developed by Cocona that uses body heat to evaporate moisture and is mainly used in the development of functional fabrics. The human body is equivalent to a 24-hour non-stop heating machine, and the most important way to release heat is water evaporation, which keeps the human body at the most comfortable temperature through evaporation and heat dissipation. However, if the evaporated water vapor cannot be removed from the clothes in time, it will continue to accumulate, and the microclimate between the body surface and the clothes will become very humid, making people feel uncomfortable sticky. 37.5TM technology can strengthen the body's natural cooling mechanism-the body secretes sweat to lower body temperature, while 37.5TM technology can remove sweat from the microclimate of clothing.

The working principle of 37.5TM technology~

The 37.5TM technology mainly works on a micro level. Although these active particles are small, they have three important characteristics:

(1) It is hydrophilic and can absorb the water that is constantly evaporated from the human body through the attraction of electrostatic force;

(2) It has a sufficiently large specific surface area (for a piece of ordinary clothing, these active particles can increase the specific surface area by as much as 1000 square meters) to accelerate the evaporation of water;

(3) It can absorb the infrared energy naturally emitted by the human body to heat the particles to accelerate the evaporation of water.

When the human body feels hot, these particles can absorb energy to help cool down, and when the human body feels cold, it can also help store energy to maintain a certain temperature. In addition to ensuring temperature comfort, 37.5TM technology products have a faster drying speed, which can more effectively keep the human body dry.

  Advantages of 37.5TM technology~

• 37.5TM technology can keep the microclimate of the skin surface at the optimal relative humidity, allowing the body to maintain the ideal core temperature more effectively, thereby showing better and longer-lasting physical performance.

• Compared with similar fabrics, the fabric made with 37.5TM technology can dry up to five times faster, reducing the sticky feeling.

• 37.5TM active particles are made of natural materials. Certified by the Hohenstein Institute, 37.5TM fiber meets the skin harmless and hypoallergenic standards.

• 37.5TM active particles are permanently embedded in the yarn and will never be washed off or become invalid.

37.5TM technology application~

37.5TM technology can be applied to various materials: knitted fabrics, merino wool, breathable and waterproof composite fabrics, polar fleece, woven fabrics, insulation materials, footwear fabrics, etc.