PANTONE released 10 popular color trends in spring and summer of 2021. The printing and dyeing factory said: all are bright!

Date:Sep 17, 2020

Recently, American color agency PANTONE released a report on fashion color trends in New York Fashion Week for Spring and Summer 2021. Pantone Color Institute™ (Pantone Color Institute™) subsidiary Pantone is responsible for providing trend forecasting and color consulting services. This season's report includes 10 popular colors and 5 core classic colors of the season. The preview will be in New York Fashion Week The designers here can see these colors when they introduce the new spring and summer series.


The tone series derived from the beauty of nature highlights the creativity of flexibility and regeneration. The color selection used in this season's report will reveal a lot about how the fashion industry plans its path to recovery and the colors that tone designers aim to set. According to experts from the Pantone Color Research Institute, the colors of New York Fashion Week 2021 spring and summer emphasize our desire to inspire ingenuity and creativity. The versatile nature of these colors travels through the seasons, allowing more freedom of choice and suitable for expression. The original style is flexible enough to adapt to the modern new and more fragmented lifestyle.


Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Research Institute, said: 2021 spring and summer colors present nature, emphasizing our desire to have flexible colors throughout the year. The colors of this season are full of authentic feelings. This feeling is becoming more and more important to colors. At the same time, it combines a certain degree of comfort and relaxation, and exudes vitality, inspiring and invigorating our mood.


Let’s take a look at the 2021 Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week color series:

Presenting natural tones and new core classic colors, the combination creates a color series that inspires ingenuity and creativity. The color numbers of the 10 popular colors are as follows:

01.PANTONE 14-1050

Calendula Orange: Comfortable yellow-orange hue brings warm vision


02.PANTONE 15-4020


Light gray blue: the color of the sky on a quiet, clear day


03.PANTONE 18-1248


Rusty brown: brown inspired by the earth, symbolizing autumn leaves, atypical spring colors


04.PANTONE 13-0647


Bright yellow: friendly, cheerful and optimistic yellow tone, promising a sunny day


05.PANTONE 13-0117

Green Ash

Grayish green: Mint green, cool and soothing


06.PANTONE 18-4140

French Blue

French blue: a blue tone that stirs the heartstrings, evokes the appearance of Paris in spring


07.PANTONE 16-1529

Burnt Coral

Burnt Red Coral: The charming burnt red coral color expresses hospitality


08.PANTONE 16-5938


Mint color: delicious mint color refreshing


09.PANTONE 17-3628

Amethyst Orchid

Amethyst Orchid: This floral hue brings a unique flavor


10.PANTONE 18-2043

Raspberry Sorbet

Raspberry Smoothie Red: Vivid raspberry red appeals to people’s hearts


11.PANTONE 18-2043

Raspberry Sorbet

Raspberry Smoothie Red: Vivid raspberry red appeals to people’s hearts


12.PANTONE 17-5104

Ultimate Gray

The ultimate gray: a stable and reliable gray looks calm


13.PANTONE 11-0110


Creamy white: Smooth creamy white is a light and delicious beige


14.PANTONE 14-1127

Desert Mist

Desert mist: evoke the sight of quicksand


15.PANTONE 16-0632


Willow green: green canopy, half covered and half exposed


These colors are not only suitable for fashionistas to wear, but also suitable for home and graphic design matching reference. Combining colorful popular colors and seasonal core colors can lead designers to lead new trends in the industry.