What are the advantages and disadvantages of silk?

Date:Feb 09, 2021



Various silk fabrics using silk as raw material.

Advantages: rich in luster, soft and bright, soft and smooth to the touch, less prone to wrinkles, and a certain degree of stretchability.

Disadvantages: easy to crepe and rotten, easy to draw yarn, low color fastness, troublesome care, troublesome washing.

2.Tussah Silk

Compared with silk

Advantages: more moisture absorption and heat resistance, breathable and acid resistant.

Disadvantages: The gloss softness is not as bright as domestic silk, and the hand feel is not as smooth as domestic silk.

3.Spun silk

It is a yarn spun from waste silk or leftover silk as raw material, which can be divided into spun silk (yarn) or fine silk (yarn).

Advantages: good gloss, short fiber, rough style.

Disadvantages: many impurities, low strength, easy to fuzz, low grade, very popular in the fabric market in recent years.


Advantages: soft hand feeling, full of elasticity, quieter gloss, bright but not dazzling, wrinkles and not obvious.

Disadvantages: Cannot be washed and can only be dry cleaned, difficult to care for


Advantages: The hand feels slightly firm, with a clammy feel.

Disadvantages: heavy body, easy to wrinkle.


Also known as "George, Georgette". According to the raw materials used, it can be divided into silk chiffon, artificial chiffon and polyester silk chiffon.

Advantages: soft texture, light and transparent, comfortable and elegant, smooth and elastic in hand, light and clean appearance, good air permeability and drape.

Disadvantages: Although it is soft and elegant, the hem will sag and deform and is easy to slack due to its poor sag feeling.

7.Crepe de chine

There are fine and even wrinkles on the surface.

Advantages: light and soft texture, smooth, bright and soft color, flexible, cool and comfortable to wear, good air permeability.

Disadvantages: the silk body is heavier than georgette, and the shrinkage rate is larger, about 10%, but the general clothes have been shrunk before cutting


Also known as "Taft Silk", it is a kind of high-grade silk fabric woven with plain weave. The production process of taffeta is complicated, the output is small, and it is expensive and high-end. It is the top grade of ladies' dresses and is popular in Europe and America.

Advantages: The silk surface is fine, clean and smooth, flat and beautiful, with good luster, tight fabric, and stiff hand feeling.

Disadvantages: It is easy to produce permanent creases after wrinkles, and it is not suitable for folding and heavy pressing.