2019 Guangzhou International Plant Protection And Agricultural Chemicals Exhibition

Date:Jun 20, 2019

    To set up and practice the concept of green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan, adhere to the basic state policy of resource conservation and environmental protection, promote the plant protection concept, prosperity eppo YaoXie emerging markets, strengthen the new green plant protection YaoXie circulation, vigorously promote the development of plant protection industry, by guangdong vegetables industry association, the Hong Kong overseas entry jointly organized by vegetable wholesalers fruit chamber of commerce, Macao chamber of commerce, guangzhou Mr Sheng exhibition consultant co., LTD., to undertake "guangzhou international plant protection and agrochemicals exhibition" will be on 5 solstice 7 September 2019 in China. Guangzhou poly world trade expo pavilion is held ceremoniously.

    As one of the special exhibitions of Wagri 2019, guangzhou international plant protection and agricultural chemicals exhibition will attract enterprises from more than 10 countries. Exhibition service "three rural" for the purpose, adhere to the "marketization, specialization, internationalization, branding, informatization" direction in the holding of exhibitions, meticulously ", protecting plant science, plant protection, public green plant protection "display platform, guide plant protection industry innovation and development, promoting new products of environmental protection of plant protection and agricultural chemicals research and development, production and application, structural reforms to boost agricultural supply side and the green development, actively in order to ensure the security of agricultural production, improve quality and protect the ecological environment and safety of agricultural products to build brand exhibition platform.