A New Type Of High Performance Digital Printing Ink Launched By DyStar

Date:Nov 22, 2019

Recently, DyStar launched jettex 4.0 high performance digital printing ink. Jettex 4.0 series printing ink is suitable for all kinds of advanced and new printheads. This series of black ink of printing ink breaks the existing limitation and establishes a new industry standard for dark black.            

According to the introduction, jettex 4.0 high-performance digital printing ink meets the requirements of innovative achievements in the field of digital printing machine and printing head technology, with better droplet forming performance and resistance, higher color intensity, longer durability, reliable environmental protection and stronger color fastness.            

DyStar developed this new ink based on its indanthren vat dye. Its light fastness is strong, even light tone is no exception; water fastness is strong; there will be no creases easy to appear in pigment printing; good rubbing fastness; it has the same authenticity and dark as pigment printing; the color is vivid and gorgeous; the fabric has good hand feel and suspension. Jettex 4.0 high performance digital printing ink can also be used in the field of home textile.