A Reducing Agent Commonly Used In Printing And Dyeing

Date:Jun 21, 2019

First, insurance powder

Insurance powder should be the most widely used reducing agent in the printing and dyeing industry, no one.

Insurance powder, scientific name of sodium disulfite. In the environment of printing and dyeing factory, it is easy to exothermic and spontaneous combustion, which is inflammable, explosive and toxic. Dangerous chemicals!

The main USES of insurance powder in printing and dyeing:

1. Reduction cleaning of disperse dyes;

2. Reduction dyeing of VAT dyes;

3, reactive dye color extraction;

4, acid dye color extraction;

5, cation dye color extraction;

6. Reduction and bleaching of pure silk, wool and other fibers;

7, reducing agents in the production of synthetic dyes.

Urea dioxide

Urea dioxide, also known as formamidine sulfonic acid, is a safe reducing agent which can replace the safety powder.

Urea dioxide is a white odorless crystal powder, which is a stable compound without oxidation and reduction. Only when heated to a certain temperature can sulfur dioxide be reduced.

Urea sulfur dioxide in dyeing and printing USES:

1. Reduction cleaning of disperse dyes;

2, wool, silk, soybean fiber and other fiber reduction bleaching;

3, VAT dyes, sulfur dyes reduction dyeing;

4, can be drawn out of the dye printing;

5, reactive dyes, acid dyes, etc.

6. Shrink resistant finishing of wool, etc.

Sodium sulfite

Sodium sulfite, molecular formula Na2SO3, sodium sulfite in the air easily weathered and oxidized to sodium sulfate.

Before the application of catalase, it is mainly used as deoxidizer after pretreatment bleaching. At the same time, deoxidizing and reducing bleaching function, and improve the whiteness of pretreatment.

Sodium sulfide

Sodium sulfide, aqueous solution is alkaline, therefore, also known as alkali sulfide.

Sodium sulfide solution in the air will be slowly oxidized into sodium thiosulfate, sodium sulfite, sodium sulfate and sodium polysulfide.

Sodium sulfide in dyeing and printing the most important use is sulfur dye dyeing. And is one of the raw materials for the production of sulfur dyes.

Sodium thiosulfate

Sodium thiosulfate, also known as big soda, sea wave.

Sodium thiosulfate in dyeing and printing main USES:

1. Dechlorination agent after chlorine bleaching;

2, dyed wool fabric sulfur dye;

3, anti - white agent of indigo dye, etc.