Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes (Protective Products)

Date:Apr 30, 2020

Alcohol Wet Wipes Antiseptic  20/50/70 Sheets/Pack Portable Sterilization Wipes Wet Wipes

Effectively protect your body -alcohol wipes can be effectively cleaned when used anywhere in school, home, office, travel, park, etc.

Large capacity - Economical-20/50/70 pieces / package, one-time use, small size, easy to carry. Simple, fast and effective removal of most unclean things.

High Safe Quality - Skin-friendly non-woven fabric: skin-friendly and soft material.Routine cleaning, create a safe space for your body with a single wipe, residue free, fast and reliable.

Thoughtful design - Equipped with an easy-open resealable dispenser with a moisture lock lid, easy to use.

Skin- Friendly - Formulated with glycerol and aloe, skin-friendly an be used to clean goods and skin and take care of your health.Can be taken with you when you travel and going out.

Product NameAlcohol Wet Wipes Antiseptic Cleaning Disinfectant Wipes
MaterialNon-woven fabric
UsageCleaning, skin care, disinfectant
FeatureAntibacterial, skin-friendly, portable, easy to use

75% Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes