Analysis Of Original Dyes Of Dyes

Date:Mar 30, 2020

The analysis of the original dyes mentioned here refers to the testing and analysis of the physical and chemical properties of the original dyes for the needs of dye processing. After many years of research, it is found that post-processing is by no means a simple physical process. Before processing the dye, firstly analyze the original dye's strength, shade, hydrophilicity, crystal form, energy level, and impurity content. Provide reasonable data by providing reasonable processing technology.

After the dysprosium dye is synthesized, the original dye filter cake is provided to the post-treatment workshop through liquid-solid separation. After receiving the filter cake, the post-treatment workshop first tests the original dye.

Different dye varieties, different synthetic processes, and even different manufacturers of the same variety and different production batches of the same manufacturer may have some differences in product quality. Each batch of dyes must be fully measured. Only in this way can a set of The right processing method.