Analysis Of The Present Situation Of Printing And Dyeing Auxiliaries

Date:Jul 03, 2019

Analysis of the present situation of printing and dyeing auxiliaries

1 small scale and dispersed production of printing and dyeing AIDS

The annual sales volume of textile printing and dyeing AIDS in China is about 20 billion yuan. There are about 1,100 varieties in 30 categories, including 200 major varieties. There are as many as 1,200 manufacturers, which are distributed in various industries. Most of them are private enterprises, with joint venture and sole proprietorship enterprises accounting for about 10%. The production factories are mainly in jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong and other places, while there are only over 300 dyestuff production enterprises in China. At present, there are too many factories producing textile printing and dyeing AIDS in China, which are too scattered. There are no more than three large enterprises on the scale. The production of many small-scale enterprises inevitably leads to a low overall level, weak market competitiveness and small international market share.

2 dye production and textile printing and dyeing auxiliary production are their respective home

Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries can not only increase the added value of textiles, improve the quality of textiles and market competitiveness, but also play a vital role in the matching use and promotion of dyestuff products. Therefore, large foreign dye production multinational companies have supporting textile printing and dyeing auxiliary production, such as basf, clariant, ciba, bayer and other companies in the world textile printing and dyeing auxiliary market occupies a decisive position. Moreover, a large number of dye application objects and textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries are the same application objects, so its sales network resources can be reasonably used,  the cost of sales can be reduced. On the contrary, domestic dyestuff manufacturers do not produce textile auxiliaries and domestic textile auxiliaries do not produce dyes. In the long run, this is not conducive to the promotion and application of dyes and the improvement of the overall level. Domestic dye enterprises should also be diversified supporting development, new economic growth point may be in front of dye production enterprises.

3 enterprise chaos mixed with silt

Since most of them are small-scale private enterprises, they are different from large enterprises. In its management, the system is not perfect. The production scale of some manufacturers cannot meet the requirements of the international market. This drives some manufacturers to pursue profits. In their production process, they excessively pursue low cost to maximize their profits, resulting in the printing and dyeing AIDS failing to meet international standards. The low competitiveness disturbs the market, confuses the international market to the Chinese printing and dyeing auxiliaries development prospect, affects the domestic other private enterprise printing and dyeing auxiliaries further development.