Analysis On The Market Situation And Development Trend Of China's Non-woven Industry In 2019, The Market Space In The Future Is Huge

Date:Dec 11, 2019

I. overview of non-woven fabric industry

Nonwovens should be called "nonwovens" or "nonwovens". It is a kind of fabric that can be formed without spinning and weaving. It is a new type of fiber product which is made of high polymer slice, short fiber or filament through various fiber mesh forming methods and consolidation technology.

The three major fibers used in non-woven fabric production are viscose fiber (8% of the total), polyester (23% of the total) and polypropylene (63% of the total), the remaining 2% are acrylic fiber, 1.5% are polyamide, and 3% are other fibers. Nonwoven downstream is widely used in agriculture, industry, automobile, leisure, tourism, clothing, office, construction and other industries.

II. Analysis of the development status of China's non-woven industry

In a broad sense, textiles cover almost all products in the whole industrial chain from spinning to finished products, including fibers, fabrics, clothing and other textiles, among which fabrics are roughly divided into woven, knitted, woven and non-woven categories. The nonwovens in it refer to nonwovens, that is, nonwovens. Therefore, the non-woven fabric obviously belongs to the category of textiles. According to statistics, by the third quarter of 2019, the output of Chinese cloth was 36.98 billion meters, down 5.5% year on year.