Application Of Fluorescent Dyes

Date:Apr 13, 2019

Fluorescent dyes absorb ultraviolet or visible light, turning short-wavelength light into longer-wavelength visible light and then emitting bright colors. This is the absorption of light of a certain wavelength, which can be emitted after another wavelength greater than the absorption of light waves of matter. It is mainly a benzene ring or heterocyclic compound with conjugated double bonds.

The application of fluorescent dyes Shared here is as follows:

Scientific research application: fluorescent dyes are often used in scientific research for fluorescence immunity, fluorescent probe, cell staining, etc. It includes specific DNA staining, chromosome analysis, cell cycle, cell apoptosis and other related studies.

Industrial applications: fluorescent dyes can be used as detergents in detergents, fluorescent road marking paints and other fluorescent dye products. It is also used to produce fibrous fabrics and certain special marks.

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