Attention Should Be Paid To The Use Of Dyes

Date:Jul 03, 2019

1, The choice of the basic color is important to fully take into account their solubility, directness, diffusivity, compatibility, under normal wave the dyeing conditions of sensibility, fixation and new-developped can wash action, to ensure the directness of dye and the balance between the diffusivity can quickly reach, dye immediacy, diffusivity, fixation and new-developped can wash behavior reasonable balance.

2. When dyeing light and medium colors, especially light colors, azo red dyes and azo blue dyes have poor fastness to sunlight, which cannot meet the market demand. Therefore, careful selection is needed. As for the use of sun fastness enhancers need to pass the experiment, generally speaking the use of uv absorbent to improve the method of reactive dyes sun fastness is not obvious.

3. The wet rubbing fastness of many varieties in deep and thick color dyeing is poor, which cannot meet the market requirements, so it needs careful use. The key to improve the wet rubbing fastness of reactive dyes lies in the basic dyeability of cotton materials, that is, the surface structure, surface organization, smoothness and rough hardness of cotton fibers, which are directly related to the quality of raw cotton and cotton yarn and the pretreatment of cotton fibers.

4, Put forward for the market of textile composite fastness requirements such as perspiration fastness to sunlight, alkaline wet daylight faded fastness, contains peroxide alkaline wet daylight faded fastness, etc., the reactive dyes also has certain problem, need to choose through the experiment, the problem is also today contains heterogeneous double reactive dye the focus of the research and development.