Basic Dye Structure Dyeing Principle And Solubility

Date:Jun 14, 2019

Basic dye structure dyeing principle and soluble, disperse dyes mainly used for dyeing polyester, nylon and other items, due to its small water-soluble, dyeing can disperse the effect of hydrophobic fiber dyeing. Basic Dyes Structure Dyeing Principles Vat dyes contain both soluble and insoluble types. Soluble vat dyes are dyed and printed directly on cellulosic fibers without reduction and insolubility requires the reduction to be soluble in alkaline solutions.

Basic dye structure staining principle and solubility, in the conventional dyeing time, the highest percentage of dye uptake rate is called the maximum dye temperature. According to the difference between the maximum dyeing temperature, the production is often divided into direct dyes into the highest dye temperature below 70 ℃ low temperature dye, the highest dye temperature of 70-80 ℃ medium temperature dye and the maximum dye temperature 90-100 ℃ High temperature dye.

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