C.I.Disperse Yellow 241,C.I.128450,CAS 83429-52-9 Disperse Dyes For Polyester

Date:Jul 14, 2016

 C.I.Disperse Yellow 241,C.I.128450,CAS 83429-52-9 disperse dyes for polyester 


C.I.Disperse Yellow 241,C.I.128450,CAS 83429-52-9

Molecular Formula:C14H10Cl2N4O2

Molecular Weight: 337.16

CAS Registry Number: 83429-52-9


 C.I.Disperse Yellow 241,C.I.128450,CAS 83429-52-9,also called as Disperse Yellow 5GL,Disperse Yellow 5GR,Disperse Yellow C-5GL,Disperse Yellow S-5GL  is most commonly used disperse dyes for polyester in the fabric dyeingprocess.

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