Cationic Dyes Are In Stock

Date:Jul 19, 2019

Cationic dyes are one type of textile dyes, also known as basic dyes and salt-based dyes. It is dissolved in water and is cationic. The cationic dye is soluble in water and ionized in aqueous solution to form a dye with positively charged colored ions. The cation of the dye can be combined with the acidic group of the third monomer in the fabric to dye the fiber. It is a special dye for acrylic fiber dyeing, and has the advantages of high strength, bright color, good light fastness and the like.

At present, cationic dyes are very scarce in China. Many customers are asking for inquiries. At present, we also have some cationic stocks, cationic dyes 19, cationic dyes 13, which are welcome to inquiry.