Challenges Of Textile Industry Investment In Africa

Date:Dec 02, 2019

However, from a practical point of view, textile industry investment in Africa is also facing great challenges. The main reasons are as follows:

Political stability, policy sustainability and environmental security risks are the common test for non investment enterprises. The stability of political situation, the sustainability of investment related policies, and social and environmental security are the primary problems faced by textile enterprises in capital investment and capacity cooperation with African countries.

In some African countries, infrastructure supporting is weak, and the textile industry chain has not yet formed. The development of textile industry needs relatively mature infrastructure, such as sufficient and stable water and electricity supply, smooth and convenient land transportation, etc. However, the relatively backward infrastructure is a difficulty for some African countries. Taking Ethiopia as an example, although the government is trying to improve the supporting facilities, the actual situation is still unsatisfactory. At present, the logistics, transportation, storage and other efficiency is low and the price is high.

The operation skills of front-line workers in the textile industry in African countries need to be improved, and some countries lack senior management talents. Due to the slow development of the textile and garment industry in our country, the operation skills of the front-line workers in many African countries are weak, and the professional skills training teachers are scarce. There is a lack of senior management personnel in labor-intensive production factories such as spinning and garment manufacturing, and the cost of human resource training in the early stage of investment enterprises is high.