Classic Dye Brand For Reactive Dyes

Date:May 08, 2020

After ICI released reactive dyes products in the UK, Ciba and Hirst couldn't stand it anymore. It turned out that the dyes they used to dye wool could covalently react with cellulose fibers after alkaline treatment, so a classic dye brand was born.

Remazol: In 1958, Hearst Corporation successfully used vinylsulfone-based reactive dyes for dyeing cellulose fibers, known as Remazol dyes. This classic dye is now owned by DyStar.

Cibacron: In 1958, Ciba named its reactive dye Cibacron, which is now owned by Huntsman.

Drimarene: In 1959, Sandoz Corporation officially produced another reactive group of dyes, namely trichloropyrimidine type, named Drimarene, Clariant's classic dye brand, now Owned by Angkor.