Classification Of Disperse Dyes

Date:Oct 28, 2019

Disperse dyes can be divided into five major series:

(1) E-type disperse dyes, which have good leveling properties, are suitable for dyeing and dyeing processes, and some can be used in thermal transfer printing processes.

(2) SE type disperse dyes, which have general leveling properties and good sublimation color fastness, can be used for polyester fiber dyeing process and hot melt dyeing process.

(3) S-type disperse dyes with high sublimation color fastness, mainly used for hot melt dyeing of polyester blended fabrics.

(4) P-type disperse dyes, suitable for anti-discharge printing of polyester fiber and cellulose fiber blended fabrics.

(5) RD type disperse dyes, which can be used for rapid dyeing of polyester fibers.