Cold Pad Batch

Date:Aug 07, 2020

The Cold Pad Bacth is a processing process at room temperature. Because the Cold Pad Bacth technology has many advantages such as low investment cost, low energy consumption, low water consumption, high flexibility and productivity, strong process adaptability, and small loss of fabric strength, it is currently used in cotton It is widely used in pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and finishing in fabric dyeing and finishing. The pre-treatment process of the cold-rolled pile mainly includes desizing, scouring and bleaching, and the steaming pile is changed to room temperature pile, which greatly saves energy and equipment investment, and is suitable for small batch and multi-variety processing requirements. The cold pad-batch dyeing process is short, the equipment is simple, and the environmental pollution is small. Because it is not dried and steamed, it saves energy. It has a small liquor ratio and high coloring rate (the fixation rate is 15- higher than that of the conventional pad-steaming method. 25%), there are no characteristics of dye migration, and it is especially suitable for the production of multiple varieties and small batches such as tension-sensitive and impermeable dyeing. According to reports, one-third of European reactive dye dyeing is processed by cold pad-batch dyeing technology. In recent years, my country’s energy costs have increased, the quality of dyestuffs has improved, and new varieties have appeared on the market. The use of cold pad-batch dyeing technology in printing and dyeing factories has become more and more common