Continue To Explore Innovative Products From A Professional Perspective

Date:Dec 09, 2019

Entrusted by the Department of consumer goods industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology, China Federation of textile industry has carried out the cultivation and promotion of annual ten categories of innovative textile products for three years since 2017, aiming to promote enterprises to speed up the implementation of the "three product strategy", advocate market-oriented product innovation and creative design, play a leading role in the demonstration of innovative products, and improve the quality of innovative products Quality satisfaction and brand trust.

Three years of continuous development, the selection work focuses on ten categories of fashion creative products, intangible cultural heritage creative products, intelligent technology products, comfortable functional products, sports functional products, functional products for medical and health care, easy care products, safety protection products, health care products and ecological environmental protection products, from product design innovation, product technology innovation, product quality assurance, ecological environmental protection Based on the comprehensive consideration of characteristics and market application characteristics, a large number of clothing, home textile and industrial end consumer products with technological, fashion and green innovation power have been explored from a professional perspective, leading the new market consumption fashion of innovative products.

The selection of "ten categories of innovative textile products" aims to build a competitive arena for fashion creativity and scientific and technological innovation, explore a group of industry leaders who meet the market demand and lead the mainstream consumption; tap innovative products with market potential through "increasing varieties"; speed up the "made in China" to the quality era through "improving quality"; realize "creating brand" and set up the "China" brand Cultural self-confidence of national brands.