Different Kinds Of Varix Agents

Date:Jul 03, 2019

Dyeing agent is the main part of the dyeing process. Different kinds of varix agents are used for different fabrics. According to different processes, dye processing auxiliaries are helpful for solvent, dispersant, chromogenic agent and phthalocyanine auxiliaries. Non-direct dyes, reductive dyes, reactive dyes, phthalocyanine dyes and insoluble azo dyes are used in dyeing.

Levelling agents are natural fiber levelling agents, synthetic fiber levelling agents and blending fabric levelling agents, etc. As levelling agents, the conditions are that the dye can be slowly absorbed by the fiber or the dark part of the dye can spread to the light part, without reducing the fastness of dyeing. All the AIDS with slow dyeing and transfer dyeing are called levelling agents.

Color fixing agent there are three categories of color fixing agent, cationic surfactant, no surface activity of quaternary ammonium salt and resin fixing agent, fixing agent will make dye insoluble in water dye salt, or dye molecules to increase and difficult to dissolve in water, so as to improve the dyeing firmness.

Dispersants dispersants are indispensable auxiliaries in dye processing and dye application, which can disperse dye particles up to 1 micron or so, contributing to the development of dyes particle crushing, to maintain the stability of dye dispersion, dispersants are mostly various types of surfactants, including anionic, cationic, non-ionic, amphoteric and polymer.

Fluorescent brightener, referred to as FWA, USES optical complementation to whiten brownish pigments in fabrics that cannot be removed by chemical bleaching.

Most softeners have a fragrance, and most fragrances and dyes are petroleum derivatives that contain benzene, which can cause skin irritation if manufacturers use lower-grade ingredients. Clothes in the washing process, fines often winding, intertwined, and even break, clothes after repeated washing, detergent, alkaline role makes fiber smoothness, extensibility and flexibility of the inherent affected, show is the whole clothes look worn out, didn't shape, touch touch is stiff, clothes washing the more this feeling is more obvious. Fabric softener ACTS as a layer of protective film on the surface of fabric fibers. The friction coefficient between fibers decreases due to the adsorption of softener on the surface of fibers.