Direct Black 38 150%

Date:Dec 30, 2016

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:C. I. Black 38

  • Appearance:Black Powder

  • Intensity:100%, 150%, 180%

Product Description
Application: Cotton and rayon dyeing, cotton and rayon direct printing and background color discharge dyeing. Also could be used for silk, polyamide and its blended fabric dyeing. Still works leather, biological, wood and plastic coloring, and raw material for black ink.
Characteristics: Very jet black when dye cotton or rayon, much blacker than Direct Black G.
Tips: Raise temperature slowly when dyeing and add salt batch by batches. Use fixing agent Y or M to treatment, to improve soap washing fastness and Chlorinated bleaching fastness.

Name: Direct Black 38
Light: 3
Water retting: 3-4
Washing: 3
Acid: 3-4
Alkali: 3-4
Dry: 3
Wet: 1-2
Iron: 3-4