Direct Dye

Date:Aug 26, 2019

Direct dyes are formed by the combination of direct dyes and cotton fibers with hydrogen bonding van der Waals forces. They are mainly used in the industries of fiber, silk, cotton spinning, leather, etc., and also in papermaking and other industries.

Direct Yellow 5GL 100%Y-27
Direct Yellow PG 100%Y-142
Direct Yellow D-RL 100%Y-86
Direct Yellow RS 100%Y-50
Direct Orange TGL 182%O-34
Direct Orange 2GL 200%O-39
Direct Red F2G 100%R-224
Direct Scarlet 4GE 100%R-277
Direct Red 2G 150%R-239
Direct Red BNL 150%R-89
Direct Red F3B 150%R-80
Direct Red 4B 150%R-81
Direct Red BWS 100%R-243
Direct Pink B 100%R-9
Direct Rose FR 100%r-227
Direct Violet BB 100%V-51
Direct Blue B2RL 100%B-71
Direct Blue 4BL 200%B-200
Direct Blue FFRL 100%B-108
Direct Turp Blue FBL 100%B-199
Direct Blue GL 100%B-86
Direct Green BLE 155%G-26
Direct Brown GTL 100%BR-210