Disable The Dye

Date:Jul 01, 2019

Dye application in recent years, the international deterioration of environmental quality and ecological balance imbalance is very concerned, mankind is facing the most serious environmental crisis in history, most of the environmental pollution is directly related to the pollution of industry and industrial products. 

As a dye intermediate, aromatic amine has been listed as a suspected carcinogen by government agencies of some countries, among which ethyl naphthylamine of benzidine has been confirmed as the most potent carcinogen to humans. Therefore, it has become a top priority to pay attention to dye production and emphasize environmental protection in countries all over the world. 

The United States, Europe and Japan have established institutions to study dye ecological safety and toxicology, which are specialized in understanding and studying the impact of dyes on human health and the environment, and have formulated indexes of heavy metal content in dyes. 

The ecological committee of the American dye manufacturers association independently studied the effects of dyes and additives on the environment and determined the concentration ranges of metal impurities in various commercial dyes.