Disperse Dye Price Increase

Date:Sep 20, 2019

As the National Day approached, many printing and dyeing chemical companies stopped production and emission reduction, the price of the whole series of disperse dyes was increased by 10%, the whole series of reactive dyes was increased by 5%, and the meta-phenylenediamine was raised to 100,000/ton. Since September, the big factory has raised the price, and the company has raised the price of dyes on September 3. The price of conventional disperse dyes has been raised by 2,000 yuan/ton, and the reactive dyes have been raised by 1,000 yuan/ton.

Institutional analysis was affected by the “3.21” major safety accident in Jiangsu Xiangshui. Domestic safety and environmental protection continued the severe trend of last year. Some dye and intermediate production enterprises stopped production or restricted production or exited the market, and the supply of related intermediates was tight. In September, with the approaching of the 70th anniversary of the country, the national environmental protection and safety control continued to tighten, coupled with the arrival of the traditional printing season, the price of dyes and dye intermediates may rise in the short-term.