Disperse Dyes Dye Maker Explode Booster Price Rose In Unison 2000

Date:Jan 26, 2016

Dye maker Zhejiang Hong Xiang's an explosion shook a dye market in doldrums for a long time. Reporters learned that certain enterprises have recently unified pricing, disperse dye prices 2000 Yuan/ton.

According to the Shanghai Securities News, October 9, October 5, located in Hangzhou Bay shangyu economic development zone, Zhejiang Hong Xiang chemical company exploded in dye intermediate production workshop, main production workshop and 6-bromo-6-both for disperse dyes other than restoring the other major raw materials and intermediates. Under the influence of raw materials and reduce the availability of 6-chloro-, the domestic leading enterprises of several dyes disperse dyes prices rise in recent days, price adjustment amplitude about 2000 RMB/ton, up about 10%, involved species include dispersion jade dark blue, red, Orange and so on.