Disperse Dyes Dyeing Printing Thickener (FS-60)

Date:Feb 25, 2017

Basic Info

Model NO.:TK-60

This thickener is used in disperse dyes printing with the effect of extra fine pattern and colors.
1. Completely substitute sodium alginate, no need to add any addition agents such as urea.
2. Of high deep-dyeing and high permeability, especially applying to close-mesh printing.
3. Good mesh permeability and close-mesh printing is excellent.
4. High resolution, no flushing and breaking while thin line printing.
5. Good uniform printing, no color spot and thread bare while large square printing.
6. The printing level is equal to cylinder steamer while continually aging or thermal aging.
7. Color yield and brightness are obviously higher than any other natural thickening agent.
8. Easy to desizing. Printing paste can be easily and will not become thinning or milden and rot.
9. Easy to get pasta. Dyes powder can be added directly to the prepared paste without dissolved.
10. Printing cost is obviously lower than sodium alginate.
Technical indicators:
Ppearance light yellow clear thick liquid.
Solid content 62+ 1%
pH value 6.5± 0.5
Ionicity anionic
Dynamic viscosity 1000-1250mPa. S
Using method:
I. Take 4-8% of FS-60 and add the needed dyes and mix it with water uniformly.
1. White paste preparation
FS-60 10
Water 90 (Mixing those two into thick paste)
2. Color paste preparation
white paste 30-80
disperse dyes X
water total quantity up to 100 (mixing those three up)
(I) Light color: FS-60 4%
Medium-dark: FS-60 6-8%
(II) Printing, coloring and washing in the above two ways are of the same technology as sodium alginate.
(III) Because of good mesh permeability, choosing the bolting cloth as high mesh number as possible when printing as to save the color paste and to enhance the printing efficiency.
(IV) Continuously aging can shorten color fixing time comparing with sodium
Alginate and the level of hand handle is close to that of cylinder steamer.
(V) Some dyes (such as C. I. Disperse Red 73) may cause FS-60 dilution, in order to adjust the viscosity, more FS-60 should be put into use.

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