Disperse Dyes For Sublimation Inks & Digital Inks

Date:Jul 19, 2019

Dye inks are one of the most common type of ink used for ink jet printers.Made by dissolving the colorant in a liquid ,there inks have long been used because of their color richness and clarity,and because they are inexpensive to produce ,and therefore inexpensive to purchase.Dye inks for Epson printers are extremely popular,pairing great print quality,with intense,durable clors,these inks have always provided the widest variety of colors ,especially when other types of inks could only provide a few different colors.

While ot as water-resistant or weather-resistant as other inks on the market,dye subilmation ink ofr Epson,HP,Fuji,and other brands of printers are populat because of their color vibrancy,For the highest-quality and clearest prints,there inks are still the inks of choice,Best for indoor use or for short-term outdoor use,the sheer flexibility of dye ink makes it an excellent choice for many different applications,Recent improvements in dye ink formulation has made them more resistant to color fade and weathering

our company have these items :

Disperse Yellow 54

Disperse Red 60

Disperse Blue 14

Disperse Orange 25

Disperse Blue 56

Disperse Blue 72

Disperse Blue 359

Disperse Blue 360

Disperse Brown 27

Disperse Red 364

Disperse Yellow 82

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