Disperse What Are Stocks?

Date:Jan 26, 2016

Company mainly engaged in dyes, intermediates, superplasticizer, soda ash and ammonia, inorganic chemical products, as well as real estate and auto stamping company. The company's main products include dyes, reactive dyes, intermediates. in 2000, the company was identified as the provincial enterprise technology center of Zhejiang Province, and won the provincial title of advanced science and technology enterprise. According to China dye industrial association on members enterprise of statistics, in global of main dye market, Zhejiang Dragon sheng has over 30 a sales entity, service Yu 7,000 home customer, about accounted for global near 21% of market share, in all of key market are has sales and technology of support, in 50 a national has agent institutions, has in 12 a national of 18 home factory, Dragon Sheng world customer group including well-known international brand as NIKE, and ADIDAS, and SWAL-MART, and LEVIS,.