Disperse Yellow 211 Disperse Dyestuff

Date:Oct 14, 2016

Basic Info

Specification:Chinese National Standard

Disperse Yellow 211
Dyeing Depth: 1.0 %
Light (Xenon): 6
Washing: 5
Sublimation: 3-4
pH Range: 4-6
Strength: 200%

We are one of the leading dyestuff manufacturers in China, we specialized in producting various dyestuffs, inclusive of disperse dyestuff, reactive dyestuff, acid dyestuff, indigo and some intermediate(H-ACID)as well. The total output of dyestuff reached 120, 000 tons thus the sales volume up to 850 million US dollars till last year. Besides, we also already got the ISO9002 in 1997.

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