Disperse Blue 2bln Disperse Blue 56 100% 150%

Date:Aug 11, 2017

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Name: Disperse Blue 56 
Dyeing depth OWF %:2.0
Co: 5
Dyeing property
PH range:3-9
Cotton of staining:2-3
Recommend dyeing procedures: High temperature dyeing, thermosol dyeing. 

Application: Our Disperse Blue 2BLN 56 is suitable for polyester and polyester blends fabrics, acetate fiber and playmate dyeing and printing, also dye microfiber.  Disperse Blue 2BLN 56 100%, Disperse Yellow E-3G 54 200%, Disperse Red FB 60 200% to be (low energy disperse dyestuff three primary colors) E-trichromat.  Disperse Red 3B, Disperse Yellow RGFL, Disperse Blue 2BLN are also traditional three basic dyestuff to combine color. 
Characteristics:  Our Disperse Blue 2BLN 56 sensitive is little, iron ions or copper ions do not affect its shade,  can resist weak alkali when dyeing and printing. Color shade is brilliant blue,  is the widely used polyester  and polyester blends fibers dyestuff.  Excellent light fastness, medium sublimation property, has superior depth dyeing, level dyeing and covering properties. Very good compatibility.

Disperse Blue Dyestuffs (polyester, polyester micro-fiber, polyester/cotton blends, polyester/spandex blends, PES/Cotton, acetate fiber fabrics,)
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Disperse Blue E-4R 56 100% 150%
Disperse Turquoise Blue SGL 60 200%
Disperse Navy Blue EXSF 300%
Disperse Navy Blue ECO 300%
Disperse Blue SE-2R 183 200%
Disperse Blue BBLS 165 200%
Disperse Blue S-3BG 79 200%
Disperse Blue 3G 291 300%
Disperse Blue H-BGL 73 200%

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