Disperse Dyesuff Yellow E Series Y-54 CAS 54 for Textile Dying

Date:Jul 08, 2017

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Disperse dyes:
Dyes suitable for dyeing & printing of polyester yarn & fabrics.

Disperse dye were originally developed for the dyeing of cellulose acetate, and are water insoluble. The dyes are finely ground in the presence of a dispersing agent and sold as a paste, or spray-dried and sold as a powder. Their main use is to dye polyester but they can also be used to dye nylon, cellulose triacetate, and acrylic fibres. In some cases, a dyeing temperature of 130 ° C is required, and a pressurised dyebath is used. The very fine particle size gives a large surface area that aids dissolution to allow uptake by the fibre. The dyeing rate can be significantly influenced by the choice of dispersing agent used during the grinding.

Disperse dyes are the only water insoluble dyes that dye polyester[1] and acetate fibers. Disperse dye molecules are the smallest dye molecules among all dyes. A disperse dye molecule is based on an azobenzene (as Disperse Red 1 or Disperse Orange 37)[2] or anthraquinone [3] molecule with nitro, amine, hydroxyl, etc. Groups attached to it.

Disperse Black ECO
Disperse Black:
1. Disperse Black EX-SF
2. Disperse Black ECT

Disperse Blue:
1. Disperse Blue 79: Strength 200%&strength 220%
2. Disperse Blue 60
3. Disperse Blue 183
4. Disperse Blue 56
5. Disperse Blue 165
6. Disperse Blue EXSF
7. Disperse Blue ECO

Disperse Red:

1. Disperse Red SE-3GFL(R-54)
2. Disperse Red SE-2GFL(R50)
3. Disperse Red S-R(R-74)
4. Disperse Red GS(R-153)
5. Disperse Red BEL(R-92)
6. Disperse Red FB(R-60)
7. Disperse Red F-3BS(R-343)
8. Disperse Red BG(R-362)
9. Disperse Red G(R-277)
10. Disperse Red BS(R-152)
11. Disperse Red FRL(R-177)
12. Disperse Red S-5BL(R167)
13. Disperse Red SE-GF(R167)
14. Disperse Red HBBL(R-82)
15. Disperse Red SE-GFL(R-73)
16. Disperse Red BD(R-13)
17. Disperse Red B(R-1)
18. Disperse Red C-2RL(R179)

Disperse Yellow:
Disperse Yellow E-3G(Y-54)
PH: 4-8/ Washing: 4-5/ Light: 6/ Sublimation: 4

1. Disperse Yellow 6GL(Y-114)
2. Disperse Yellow 5GL(Y-441)
3. Disperse Yellow 5G(Y-119)
4. Disperse Yellow E-3G(Y-54)
5. Disperse Yellow 3GE(Y-64)
6. Disperse Yellow 4G(Y-211)
7. Disperse Yellow RGFL(Y-23)
8. Disperse Yellow BRL(Y-163)
9. Disperse Yellow 10G(Y-186: 1)
10. Disperse Yellow G(Y-3)
11. Disperse Yellow 8GFF(Y-82)
12. Disperse Yellow 8S-G(Y-79)

Disperse Orange:
1. Disperse Orange SE(O-73)
2. Disperse Orange E-RL(O-25)
3. Disperse Orange 2G-FSL(O-44)
4. Disperse Orange SE-RBL(O-29)
5. Disperse Orange S-2GFL(O-30)
6. Disperse Orange SE-3RLN(O-61)
7. Disperse Orange SE-RH(O-288)


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