Dye For Wool

Date:Sep 27, 2019

Acid dyes or reactive dyes are recommended.

Synergistic effect of two dye bath dyes of reactive dyes. A large number of reactive dyes were used to dye wool first, then dyed with disperse dyes, and by determining the soaping fastness, dyeing deepening effect, etc., some structures of reactive dyes were found. After dyeing wool, the dyeing performance of the disperse dye on wool is greatly improved, so that the dyed wool has excellent wet processing fastness, uniformity and deepening effect. The reactive dye forms a covalent bond with the wool fiber to impart wool color. Compared with undyed wool, wool dyeing performance changes greatly, making the disperse dye easier to dye dyed wool, and the fastness is also improved.

Dyes such as acid dyes used in wool dyeing have problems in terms of wet fastness, vividness and environmental pollution. New dyes and dyeing methods are being studied at home and abroad.

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