Dye Prices Are Rising

Date:Jun 21, 2019

"The price of dye went up from late march, such as 300 percent of disperse black ETC. In half a month, the price went up from 47 yuan/kg to 60 yuan/kg." Keqiao district printing and dyeing association related people said, the main reason is March 21, jiangsu xiangshui ecological chemical industry park explosion, the explosion will lead to the supply gap of phlorodiphenyl diamine, and then affect its downstream phlorodiphenyl, dye production; At the same time, xiangshui and its surrounding guanyun are another major dye production area in China. After the explosion, local chemical enterprises stopped production and rectified-which has become an important factor in the rise of dye market.

"In this round of dye price increase, disperse black ETC 300% is not the biggest increase. The price of disperse red FB was RMB 90 / kg before the explosion in xiangshui industrial park. On the second day, the dye factory in shangyu raised the price to RMB 150 / kg. Now the latest quotation from the dye factory is RMB 200 / kg. There's also the disperse blue variety, which has gone up quite a bit recently." Ke qiao district printing and dyeing industry association said, most of these dyes to the original price of two or three times, the highest varieties in a month by four or five times!