Dye Transfer In Coated Fabrics

Date:Dec 24, 2019

In the actual production process, when the clothing composed of various color parts is stored, the dye sometimes transfers from one area to another, usually from the darker color to the lighter color.

This phenomenon is different from sublimation, because it occurs when the temperature is lower than the sublimation temperature and non sublimation temperature of the dye. When the clothing is folded up and the different colors contact closely with each other, the dye will transfer.

In general, the transfer amount of dyes will increase under humid conditions, so the problem will be more serious in hot and humid weather or when clothes are stored immediately after steaming. The initial relative humidity of clothing environment can be maintained by plastic bag storage. Whether the dye transfer will be increased or reduced depends on the conditions when the clothing is put into the bag, especially the polyester coated fabric.