Dyeing Principle Of Fabric Warp Dyeing

Date:Jul 31, 2020

The dyeing of the warp beam dyeing machine is mainly due to the dyeing liquid being dyed on the fabric during the circulation of the dyeing tank and the dosing barrel under the action of the pump. The beam dyeing machine has a large and small dye liquor circulation-loop process.

The so-called "large cycle-loop" refers to: after the dye liquor is heated by the heat exchanger, it passes through the dye liquor injection port under the action of the main pump, penetrates the fabric completely under the action of the pressure difference, and then enters the heat exchanger Perform the next cycle; the so-called "small cycle" refers to: the dye solution in the cylinder expands in volume during the heating process, the dye solution enters the medicine barrel, and then enters the nozzle of the dye solution under the action of the medicine pump .

Due to the different characteristics of long-fiber and non-woven fabrics and silk fabrics, long-fiber and non-woven fabrics will produce a large amount of tangled filaments during the dyeing process; while silk fabrics will have few fibers from the dyeing process The fabric surface fell off. Therefore, the structures of these two types of beam dyeing machines are also different.