Effect Of Thermal Dyeing Time On Disperse Dyeing-1

Date:Jun 08, 2020

The polyester fiber has a compact structure, and the instantaneous voids in the microstructure are small and few, and its hydrophobicity is strong. Even under high temperature and high pressure conditions, the polyester fiber swells to the greatest extent to allow the disperse dye to diffuse smoothly and fully dyed There is enough processing time.

If the thermal insulation dyeing time is too short, the highest dyeing balance (especially high temperature dyes) cannot be achieved. Once the thermal insulation dyeing time is different, the color depth will fluctuate.

At the same time, the effect of covering polyester fiber defects (different crystallinity) will also be reduced. If dyes of different temperature types are used for dyeing, color difference will also occur due to the different dyeing amount of different dyes.