Eternal Color: Blue

Date:Sep 18, 2019

Blue, one of the three primary colors, has the shortest wavelength in the three primary colors, between 440 and 475 nm. Blue is a symbol of eternity, and different blues have different meanings. Today, Encyclopedia will come with everyone to understand the various blues.

Bluest Blue: Klein Blue

Blue named after French artist Yves Klein.

In 1957, Master Klein exhibited eight painting panels of the same size and painted with approximate cyan pigments at the Milan Art Exhibition. "Klein Blue" was officially unveiled. This color was named "International Klein Blue". (International Klein Blue, referred to as IKB).


Color coordinates:


RGB : 0, 47, 167

CMYK: 98, 84, 0, 0

The most expensive blue: Tiffany Blue

Tiffany blue, also known as Robineggblue. In 1845, Tiffany & Co. first used the cover of Tiffany's Blue Book. Since then, the world's most expensive blue has been born.



Tiffany Blue has dedicated RGB values and CMYK values, as well as a special PANTONE color number 1837, which was the year Tiffany was founded. Because Tiffany applied for a color patent, Tiffany Blue could not be found in PANTONE's color matching system, and no one could use it without permission. Tiffany Blue is not too much to write, Xiao Bian still can not help but send a picture of Tiffany blue bag and blue box.


The most learned blue: school blue

Many well-known universities have their own unique blue, such as:


Blue in printing and dyeing: dye blue


The blue color in the dye is generally: Yanlan, Cuilan, Tibetan Blue (also known as Navy), indigo. Here is no longer one by one. Blue dyes generally have lanthanide, phthalocyanine and lanthanide structures, and are relatively expensive compared to dyes of other structures, so blue dyes are generally more expensive. Here is an expensive dye blue: Dystar Lihua has an active blue E-FFN, which should be the brightest and most expensive blue that Xiaobian has seen. The price is close to 1,000 yuan per kilogram, and its color is generally as follows Figure.

Disperse Blue 56/Blue 60/Blue 183/Blue 148/Blue79/Blue 185/Blue 165

Our most anticipated blue: sky blue


For those of us who often live in smog, the most hope is Sky Blue. I hope that in addition to the Blue of the Parade Blue, Olympic Blue, APEC Blue, G20 Blue, etc., we can also have a blue sky. The printing and dyeing industry is also a polluting industry, and the environmental pressure of printing and dyeing companies is no longer emphasized here.