Features Of Dye Processing

Date:Mar 27, 2020

The research contents of dye processing technology mainly include the determination and treatment of original dyes, the research on the performance of processing aids, the design and selection of processing equipment and the research on processing technology.

If the post-processing technology is complicated, it is mainly because its regularity is not strong, it has many personalities and few commonalities, and it is difficult to summarize the quantitative laws. So people say that dye processing technology is a combination of science, technology and experience.

Dye processing has the following characteristics

① There are many varieties processed, because dyes are fine chemical products, generally the production tonnage is not large, there are many varieties, and there are certain differences in processing methods, so the process and equipment are quite complicated;

② The dye factory needs to adjust the dosage form or change the variety according to the market conditions. It is required that the processing equipment should have a certain adaptability, the production equipment be multifunctional, and have strong mobility;

③ High technical content, post-processing includes multiple aspects, and also involves multiple professional knowledge. During the processing, there are both physical and chemical changes, and many factors are both interrelated and restricted;

④ The product quality requirements are high, and there are many economic and technical indicators for commercial dyes. Some have established national standards, harsh production conditions, and require stable operation. Operators should have high quality and strong sense of responsibility.