Fixing Agent

Date:Jul 04, 2019

Fixing agent is one of the important auxiliary dyeing and printing industry.In recent years, with the development of science and technology, to improve the dyeing and finishing technology is also significant, because of the expansion of international textile trade and people's living standard, the improvement of environmental awareness, textiles and comfortable, clean, safe. 

Since the 1970 s, Germany first" Blue angel ", some developed countries in the world (such as Japan, the United States) have passed and implemented the relevant laws and regulations, and rules for the various indicators of textiles. In green textiles printing and dyeing processing of banning the use of rules and regulations of carcinogenic, teratogenic and poor biodegradability, and some aromatic amine dyestuff intermediates production, but also requires the use of additives do not contain heavy metal ion and does not produce free formaldehyde [2-4], which is the use of "green fertilizer", Development and application of aldehyde-free fixing agent KS is in line with the requirements of fixing agent KS is through organic amine and epoxy chloropropane polymerization reaction, and then use hydrochloric acid acidification to get fixing agent KS, it is used for reactive, direct, sulfide dye dyeing cotton after fixing, can be in the dye and fiber. Bridge "compounds that react with dye molecules at the same time, and cellulose fibre crosslinking, form a highly diversified crosslinking system, to integrate the dye and fiber is more firmly to prevent the dye from the fiber, and improve the color fastness. 

The active substances in the fixing agent can mutual condensation, formed in the fiber surface stereo net membrane, encloses the dye, increase the smoothness of cloth, reduce the friction coefficient is not easy worn out, further to prevent happened in the process of wet rubbing dye swelling and dissolving, fall off, improve the wet rubbing fastness.