High Quality Reactive Dyes (Black 5)

Date:Dec 24, 2016

Model NO.:Black 5Colour:Black
Solubility:200:Light Fastness:4

Reactive dyes Black 5
Solubility: 200
Light Fastness: 4
Washing Fastness: 5
Perspiration Fastness: Acid 5; Alkine 5
Chlorinated water: 3
Rubbing Fastness: 5

Liyuansol Commodities
This series reactive dyes contain a vinyl sulphone and monochlorotriazine group, they are economic and often used in the dyeing and printing process.
1. Wide range of economic dyes for exhaust, Cold Pad Batch & continuous dyeing
2. Most can be used in resist/dischargeable dyeing process
3. Full range of shades and have some brilliant dyes.
4. Diversified offers for turquoise/green and dark navy shades