History Of Reactive Dyes In China

Date:May 11, 2020

China began to study reactive dyes in 1957, and developed the first reactive dye on January 1, 1958, synchronized with the world! In April 1958, Chen Zhiying of Shanghai Taixing Dye Factory successfully developed cyanuric chloride. In 1959, Cheng Lubo of Dalian Institute of Technology and Zhu Zhenghua of East China Institute of Chemical Technology successfully developed β-sulfate ethyl sulfone and soon put it into production. Shanghai No. 8 Dye Chemical Plant became the earliest professional manufacturer of reactive dyes in China!

Over the past 60 years, several major foreign dye giants have gradually withdrawn from the dye production industry, and dye production has gradually been transferred to the Asian market. China, India, and South Korea have become the three major dye production countries, and China deservedly became the largest dye production country The largest reactive dyes factory is said to be Chuyuan Huashi of Hubei Shishou. The development and future of reactive dyes should be viewed in China!