Industrial Pain Points Behind High Quality Development

Date:Nov 20, 2019

With the profound changes of domestic and international situation, China's textile industry has entered a new stage of accelerating supply side structural reform and promoting high-quality development. What is the connotation and focus of high-quality development?            

In Fu Guangwei's view, the embodiment of "high quality" should be the development of industry towards high-end, products towards high added value, enterprises towards branding and production towards high efficiency. "But behind the high-quality development, there are some pain points." Fu Guangwei added, "industries and enterprises can't achieve innovation driven without innovation and integration of industrial clusters and the whole supply chain. In the process of China's textile and garment development, industrial clusters have been playing an extremely important role. For China's nearly 200 textile and garment industry clusters, how to innovate is the key to development. In recent years, especially with the continuous changes of the international market environment and the rising cost of domestic labor and other production factors, the structural problems of China's textile industry cluster have gradually exposed: local overcapacity, weak innovation ability of small and medium-sized enterprises, insufficient integration of industrial chain and cluster, and increasing pressure of industrial cluster transformation and upgrading. "            

In developed countries, small and medium-sized enterprises tend to be the most innovative and the closest to the market, according to Fu Guangwei. However, in China, many small and medium-sized enterprises are mostly the result of simple replication, with serious product homogeneity. When entering the new normal of high cost and slow growth, it is difficult to survive. In today's increasingly fierce market competition, the lack of innovation ability of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the serious lack of investment in scientific research and development, has become one of the main obstacles to the high-quality development of the industry.            

"Since this year, the development of industries and enterprises has been under great pressure, but in adversity, enterprises need to find new labels and new directions, and develop innovation driven technology industry, culture led fashion industry and responsibility oriented green industry, which has also become the original intention of this conference." Said Fu Guangwei.