International Cooperation For China's Dye Industry

Date:Oct 09, 2019

International cooperation has been continuously strengthened. In 2004, Hangzhou Lily (21.860, 0.01, 0.05%) chemical company and Clariant joint venture to build Hangzhou Lily Clariant Pigment Co., Ltd.; October 2007, Zhejiang Longsheng (14.150, 0.11, 0.78%) and Indian KIRI dye The company established a joint venture in India to build LonsenKiri dyes company; in 2009, Zhejiang Longsheng acquired the global dye giant Germany DyStar Dye Company; in 2011, Zhejiang Bauxite and Yorkshire Dyestuff Group Co., Ltd. cooperated and reorganized; in 2016, Zhejiang Chuanhua Group acquired the Netherlands Tana Chemical Company.