ISO, AATCC, GB, JIS, Friction Fastness Test Standard Differences

Date:Jun 26, 2019

GB/T 3920 is basically the same as ISO 105X12. Therefore, the test results of the two standards should be basically the same.

The sampling of AATCC 8 is inclined to the longitude and latitude direction of 45°, and the rubbing fastness measured by this standard will be different from other standards.

The moisture content of wet friction white cloth in AATCC 8 standard is 65±5%, which is lower than other standards. Due to the low moisture content, the wet friction fastness measured by this standard is slightly higher than other standards. If a color AATCC 8 passes the test, then the national standard and European standard will not necessarily pass!

JIS L 0849 has no square friction head, and other parameters are basically consistent with GB/T 3920 and ISO 105X12. AATCC 8 also has no square friction head. For velvet fabrics, the level of test results of square friction head is theoretically lower than that of circular friction head.